Historic periods

The area of Chania has been inhabited since pre-historic times until today without intermission.

3000 - 2800 BC:  Archaeological artifacts prove the existence of ancient Kydonia
2800 - 1150 BC:  Minoan civilisation. Ancient Kydonia is one of the most powerful cities in Crete
1st millennium AD:
 Kydonia prevails until the 7th century AD
823 - 961 AD:  Occupation by the Arabs<

961 - 1252 AD:

 Byzantine period
1252 - 1645 AD: Occupation by the Venetians
1645 - 1897 AD: Occupation by the Turks
1898 AD: Foundation of the Cretan State. Chania is the capital of Crete
1913 AD: Unification of Crete with Greece